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The first part of the seventh annual conference “Innovations and good practices in the health sector” organized by Capital newspaper was held in a digital format on November 27, 2020.

Main topics on the agenda were the healthcare challenges faced in the current COVID 19 situation and the transition towards a functioning electronic healthcare system.

Within the “E-healthcare” panel Mrs. Illiana Paunova, executive director of BgMVO in a keynote lecture presented the concept of the medicines verification system, practical examples of its implementation, as well as the legal frame in Europe and Bulgaria.

Participants were informed about the main obligations, responsibilities and sanctions arising from the Bulgarian Law on medicinal products, related to the falsified medicines Directive. Mrs. Paunova presented the connectivity of pharmacies in Bulgaria and Europe by the end of October 2020. She also described the practical experience in solving specific cases with the application of the verification system.   

The three main panels of the digital conference were attended by representatives of the academic medical community, professional organizations, health institutions, hospitals and companies developing systems in the field of e-health.