News and events

The conference “30 years application of GS1 standards supporting businesses in Bulgaria” was held in digital format on 30 September 2021. The event marked the 30th anniversary of GS1 Bulgaria and its program focused on the importance and future of digital transformation, as well as the application of GS1 standards in practice.

Mrs. Iliana Paunova, Executive Director of BgMVO, presented the role of National medicines verification system (BgMVS) in Bulgaria for the implementation of European Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD). The attendants were acquainted with the impact of counterfeit on health and economy, the concept, and benefits of a standardized verification system as well as with the legislative framework in Bulgaria for FMD implementation.

The presentation created high interest and to a question raised by the audience “What percentage of prescription medicines’ packaging codes are deactivated”, Mrs Paunova answered that currently, it is between 35 and 40%.

In a congratulatory address on their 30th anniversary, Mrs. Paunova underlined the extremely important role of GS1 Bulgaria as professional consultants and guarantors that the international GS1 standards are successfully applied in Bulgaria. She thanked the association for the excellent cooperation during the years.

In the final part of the conference, an award ceremony took place, at which BgMVO received a Diploma for valuable contribution to the activities of the Association in the implementation and promotion of GS1 standards in Bulgarian healthcare.

The conference was attended by representatives of Bulgarian business as well as foreign speakers from the global team of GS1.