News and events

The eighth annual conference “Innovations and good practices in the health sector” organized by Capital newspaper was held in a hybrid format on November 9th, 2021.
Main topics in the agenda were: the healthcare sector's development and solving its systemic issues, the innovation in treatment of main socially important diseases, and the future of municipal healthcare. The winners of the annual competition for innovations in Bulgarian medicine were also presented.

Within the panel “New health realities” Mrs. Illiana Paunova, Executive director of BgMVO, gave a lecture on “Applying European standards in the management of Bulgarian Medicines Verification System (BgMVS)”. 

Participants were acquainted with the principles of BgMVS operation as an integral part of the European Medicines Verification System. The quality management processes, that are in full compliance with European standards were also presented. Mrs. Paunova informed the participants about the connection rate with the System of pharmacies in Europe and in our country by October 2021 and presented the BgMVO team, who develops and maintains the verification system in Bulgaria. 

The three main conference panels were attended by representatives of health institutions, academia, pharmaceutical sector, patient associations, professional organizations, hospitals, and legal professionals in the field of healthcare.